Shane Browns DevilCat Wet and Wild

This 6.6 meter cuddie cabin Devil Cat, "Wet and Wild" was purchased by Shane Brown from our Tasmanian agents, MDBS, in Hobart about 6 months ago.
I had the pleasure of visiting Shane, his mate, Robbie and his 5 year old son, Harry on a recent trip to Tasmania on Saturday 11th November 2006, for the ride of a lifetime, out in the bay in some nice choppy conditions.
This guy loves his boat and reckons it's the best thing since sliced bread. Some of these photos were taken prior to Shane purchasing the boat and the others were taken at Constitution Dock after our afternoon out.
This boat has huge fuel tank capacity, carries over 1/2 ton in diving gear as well as the dive compressor between the motors, and the motors are twin 225 hp Yamaha. Note that the boat still sits beautiful in the water. We had 5 adult men and young Harry in the boat and were getting over the 3-4 ft chop at around 84 km per hour, as stable as a rock. We also visited the "In-Cat" production facility, this is a big operation and so are the vessels.
Shane has promised to send some action shots on the water with his new digital camera and a good story about 1 of his adventures out Cray fishing.