DevilCat Boat Range

1.9 METER DevilCat Tender Dingy.

The 1.9m DevilCat tender/dinghy, has built in positive floatation & is virtually unsinkable, it is 1950 cms long x 1150 cms wide at the rear and 840 cms wide at the front, and is 400mm high, fully laden with 2 persons on board has a freeboard of approx. 200mm, it weighs only 24.7kgs, is very versatile and very easy to handle by one person. This little tri-hull is not quite as stable as the 2.2m Cat hull below, but is still a very good versatile boat, will take up to a 3 hp motor with an all up carrying weight of 150kg. These are 2 layer hand laid fibreglass, normal gel coat colour is white, different colour is $100 extra. This little tender comes with rollick blocks, fully sealed seats and a tow cleat fitted to the front as well as white gunwale rubber.

2.2 METER DevilCat Tender Dingy.

The 2.2m DevilCat tender/dinghy, has built in positive floatation and as shown, is unsinkable, is 1200mm wide and 500mm high and weighs only 28kgs, is very versatile and very easy to handle by one person, extremely stable. For as little as $100 extra you can order this tender in any colour, so you can colour co-ordinate it to your boat. This little tender is fitted with rollick blocks and can be rowed or fitted, to the reinforced transom, with an outboard motor, from 2hp to 8hp.

3.2 METER DevilCat Tender Dingy.

The 3.2m DevilCat  tender/dinghy, beam 1.3m, height 580mm, weighs 45kgs and is the same construction as the 2.2m with positive floatation. The 3.2M, fits snugly into a utility, very easy to handle and extremely stable, best handled by 2 people. This boat is a great all rounder and can have extra small seats fitted in the bow sections of each sponson, as shown in second last photo, for extra buoyancy. This unit can take up to a 18hp and has a strengthened transom as depicted in the photos. You can order any colour for an extra $200, to co-ordinate to your choice or your current boat. The last two photos show the enhanced, new flat floor, which allows for total ease of movement, as you can see, this floor runs the entire length of the boat and is 15 inches or 38cms wide. This makes it very easy to cast, while standing totally sideways and also gives much more buoyancy to the boat, the extra floor adds approx. 8kgs to the weight of the boat. 

All Devil Cats are hand made fibreglass and give a very soft, quiet and stable ride compared to other materials. This model can also be used as a "Car Topper" with, removable flat carpeted floor sections to cast from, for Bass and fly fishing etc. (see photos of Bass Boat) Because these sections are removable they don't add any weight to allow easy handling to load on the roof rack.This makes this model the most versatile boat for it's size, weight and stability and is very affordable, compared to any other boat in this size range."

4.0 METER DevilCat Runabout.

The DevilCat 4 meter open runabout is 3.95 meters long, 1.8 meters wide and 950 mm high and weighs approx. 260kgs, also has positive floatation. The flat floors in both sponsons, give great ease of movement as well as greater floatation and a safety collision bulkhead under the boat. The battery or batteries can be fitted in the receivers in the rear seats. This boat can be fitted with only one engine, up to 50hp,(note the pod fitted in the rear of the tunnel to eliminate cavitation.) or we can fit a rear extension pod, as shown in the last photo, which will then take 2 engines @ 30hp each. This is a very versatile boat, with the usable area of a 6 meter mono hull. All up this boat weighs 600kgs all up with 2 motors on a trailer and has a 200mm draft in the water loaded. The trailer for this model is very light and exempt from brakes, providing the all up weight is below 750 kg. The twin motor set-up may need brakes, should the whole package exceed 750kg. The photos below are of a new version of the 4 meter, with no full deck. This boat is specifically for the open Bass and open river fishing enthusiast, the photos depict one in construction with locker and small front, platform/deck, flat collision bulkhead floor and open plan. This boat only weighs 180kg and is cheaper than the full deck model.

4.6 and 5.2 METER DevilCat Boat.

The DevilCat 4.6m and 5.2m models are the same construction and appear very similar, the one shown is a 5.2m and has the "Targa Bar" and raised soft top. Both these models have full floatation with sealed sponsons, flat floor, twin bunks, twin swivel seats, swim platform and live bait tank built in, easy to tow and very versatile boats, with more usable room that a 7m mono hull. Very stable at rest and extremely good in rough conditions. These two versions are normally powered by twin 70hp or 90hp outboards, with twin 100 litre fuel tanks. Larger fuel tanks can be fitted if required. The beam is 2.35m and the draft fully loaded is 300mm, with a freeboard of over 600mm. The overall weight on a tandem axle trailer is approx 2 tonne.

6.6 METER DevilCat Boat.

Next is the 6.6m DevilCat available as Open Runabout, Cuddy Cabin, Sportsman, Open Hardtop, or Cuddy Cabin Hardtop. This is probably the most versatile boat of all with plenty of room, coupled with great performance, good sleeping facilities and long range fuel capacity. They are all 6.6m long, with a beam of 2.5m and range in weight from 1400kgs to 1700kgs, they come standard with 2x210 litre under deck fuel tanks, self draining cockpit, moulded rear duckboard and live bait tank facility. They can be powered with minimum 2x100hp to maximum 2x250hp motors. This size gives you the same usable area as an 8.5 m mono hull,and is by far the most popular of our range. We have a tandem axle, fully galvanised, trailer available for this model, with electric breakaway breaking system, the trailer is adjustable for various carrying variations. This model complete comes in at under 3000kgs on the road. There are some photos of a new one under construction and a view of the factory.

7.5 METER DevilCat Boat.

The 7.5 meter DevilCat is the largest legally tow-able size in our vast range of boats, like the 6.6m, these come in Open Runabout, Cuddy Cabin, Sportsman, Hardtop and Cuddy Cabin Hardtop. These boats are 7.5m long with a beam of 2.5m weigh from 1550kgs through to 1840kgs. They are very popular with the professional divers, Abalone Divers, Cray fishermen, as well as many Government Agencies, including Tasmanian Police force. The extra payload is vital for these uses as well as being able to utilise the extra length for a longer foredeck and therefore a much bigger cabin and sleeping quarters. All our trailers for these models also have the electric breakaway system with the complete package on trailer weighing approx 3400kgs.

10.0 METER DevilCat Boat.

The 10 meter DevilCat Express Hardtop or Flybridge Cruiser is probably the best example of style, comfort and performance all rolled into one. From the 9 meter upward, these size vessels are not legally tow-able on the roads without a special permit, with the width being 3.65 meters. The photos above show the pleasant style and the internal comfort of a 10 meter Hardtop and Flybridge models, one powered by twin 225 hp outboards. The others by inboard diesel motors, the choice is yours. They can be fitted with straight shaft drives or Stern-drive units. These vessels have 2 full cabins, 1 in each sponson, a full size shower and toilet, kitchen and dining area as well as a well set out driving and control station in the main cabin as well as on the flybridge, and a large rear deck area. In survey this vessel can carry up to 18 passengers and 2 crew, or for the private owner up to eight people can be comfortably accommodated. Standard capacities are 500 litres of fuel either side, 300 litters fresh water and 300 litres live bait tank. This vessel will cruise comfortably at 32 knots and handles any conditions with effortless ease.

12.0 METER DevilCat Boat.

The DevilCat Flagship...

This totally new design will please the most fastidious buyer, with its new long concept foredeck, larger cabins and lounge area. This vessel is designed to look more like a conventional cruiser, combined with the great handling characteristics, stability and performance of a Power Catamaran. This vessel is due for completion in early 2008 and is powered by twin 300 hp inboard diesel motors with an estimated cruise speed of 35 knots. This vessel is the ultimate in performance, safety and comfort. Overall length including rear swim platform is 42 feet or 12.2 meters. This vessel is designed for the serious boating enthusiast, with all the creature comforts, accommodation for up to 10 persons in total comfort. This vessel is also designed for the deep sea fisherman and will handle any conditions with more stability than any mono hull in its class. The fully loaded weight  is just under 8 tonnes, which will allow this beauty to give very economic cruising coupled with great performance. Like all of our range of vessel, this one is hand laid from top to bottom and comes with a written fully backed, ten year hull warranty. The internal layout can be designed to suits your individual needs. This model also comes in the form of a fully functional working vessel with the traditional hardtop cruiser design and enormous rear deck, which in 2C Survey, gives in calm water, 32 passengers and 2 crew or 50 nautical miles to sea, 22 passengers and 2 crew. This is fantastic for the professional cruise operators.