Deep Sea Fishing Trip

More news, our entire family, the men that is and 3 good mates went on a deep sea fishing adventure, with one of my personal friends & Narwee Old Boy, Ross Hunter,( reputedly one of the best charter Captains and Marlin Fishermen in the World,) who owns and runs, the boat is "Broadbill".

I have been wanting to do this for some time, so we went on the 17th and 18th March up to Port Stephens. Saturday was good weather and my son Grant caught the only marlin for the weekend, a 100kilo plus, 2.4 meter, striped, which was bought up to the boat and then released.

This is the normal practice on almost all of the Game Fishing boats, so these beautiful fish live to fight another day. Sunday was very rough and all we did all day was drop fish, including a big shark. A pod of Dolphins came alongside the boat and played for almost an hour, giving us the greatest private acrobatic show I have ever seen.

A great time was had by the boys and we all look forward to our next outing with Ross.

These photos tell it like it was. The crew consisted of Ross the Sea Urchin, Captain, John, the human bollard, deckie, Mates, David, Junior, Ricie, son's Darren and Grant and Patto.