Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Classic

In 2007 on November 22nd, the crew of Victorian Superclass Boat "Hellbent" with driver Mark Cranny, observer Damian Mathews, & skiers Daniel Campbell, & Grant Patterson, won the prestigious Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Classic, which is the longest 1 way water ski race in the world.

Competitors come from all parts of the Globe to try their luck at this grueling 112 km 2 up ski race, which starts at Dangar Island, in the lower reaches of the Hawkesbury River near Brooklyn.

This race attracts competitors from 5 years old to over 70s. The team favored to win the 2006 race was "Stinga" but they were plagued with mechanical problems, which cut short their winning streak, which would have made it 4 years in a row.

If anything is going to go wrong then this is the race, where it is going to happen, so this time it was the very happy & dedicated team of "Hellbent" that greeted the finish line and received a very popular victory presentation on the banks of the mighty Hawkesbury River at Windsor Marine Stadium.

These photos show the finish & the happy team after the 41.06 minute journey.

Well done boys.